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Wedding bouquets to match your star sign

As a popular wedding venue, we see lots of new ideas from brides-to-be coming through each year and one of the latest trends is bouquets and floral arrangements matched to their star sign.

Yes, you can now get an astrologically themed bouquet to help all your stars align for your big day.

Brides are having arrangements made up to match their star sign or that of their partner and also for a relative, such as a Mum, as a thank you gift.

Whatever you want to say, flowers are a fantastic way of expressing your feelings. Not only can they look beautiful and smell delightful, but the right flowers can evoke feelings that sometimes cannot be put into words.

Here's our handy guide below to help you match your star sign to flowers so that you can have a bridal bouquet made-up to suit your personality or create an astrological arrangement as a gift for a loved one. Enjoy!


Known as passionate and adventurous

Colour - red

Flowers & plants - red roses, tulips, red peppers, amaryllis and thorn bearing shrubs


Home loving and caring

Colour - pale pinks, greens and blues

Flowers & plants - lavender, lilac, sweet pea, sweet William, scented stock, aster, lily of the valley and fruit trees


Lively and talkative

Colour - yellow

Flowers & plants - daffodil, maidenhair fern and nut-bearing trees


Secretive, protective and caring

Colour - metallic blue

Flowers & plants - cornflower, delphinium, ferns, passion flower, hydrangea and iris


Extrovert and faithful

Colour - golden yellow, orange

Flowers & plants - marigold, gerbera, dahlia and sunflower


Practical and modest

Colour - navy and chocolate

Flowers & plants - chrysanthemum, eucalyptus, violet, ivy and thistle


Elegant, diplomatic and romantic

Colour - all shades of green

Flowers & plants - gardenia, tea roses, freesia and gladiolus


Sensual, determined and daring

Colour - maroon and blood red

Flowers & plants - Venus fly trap, red hot poker, hibiscus and peony


Straightforward and optimistic

Colour - royal blue, deep purple

Flowers & plants - carnation, crocus and berried plants


Hardworking and ambitious

Colour - grey, dark green

Flowers & plants - holly, African violet, ivy, kentia palm and snowdrop


Forwarding looking and independent

Colour - turquoise

Flowers & plants - yucca, aloe and bird of paradise.


Intuitive, humorous and compassionate

Colour - white, silvery grey

Flowers & plants - Madonna lily, stephanotis, jasmine, lilac and narcissus.

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